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Thurs, June 20
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Tiny's Restaurant
600 E. Highway 260
Payson, AZ 85541

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Notes from the Chairman 07/16/17

Fellow Libertarians,

As we watch our congressmen on the verge of backing Obamacare v2.0,

As we experience more government intrusion into our lives while insurance companies pander for support, let’s take an hour this Tuesday evening to discuss:


Reading the Declaration of Independence this past Independence Day reminded us that the Founders knew very well the extent of government’s wrongful intrusions and lack of fitting governing practices that had eroded their personal liberties for too long of a time.

This begs the second question: HOW LONG IS TOO LONG OF A TIME OF TYRANNY?

I look forward to a lively discussion with you on Tuesday at 7:00 PM at Tiny’s Restaurant, 600 E. Highway 260 in Payson. See you there.

Bruce Wales
Acting Gila County Libertarian Chairman

Notes from the Chairman 06/28/17


Do you refer to Christmas as THE CELEBRATION OF DECEMBER 25th?

Do we call Thanksgiving BIG THURSDAY?

Does anyone refer to the celebration of their OWN Birthday by the date of it?


So why then do we refer to Independence Day as FOURTH OF JULY?

While you mull that question in your mind I will tell you what is happening this Fourth of July in Payson’s Green Valley Park at 8:00 am across the street from the Veterans’ Memorial.

We will be observing our nation’s INDEPENDENCE-from-all-tyranny-DAY by reading our nation’s DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE document.

This is what pioneer towns did every year all across these United States. THEN they celebrated with games, ran contests, shared food and set off fireworks. Almost 100 people joined us last year.

Regardless of your political or apolitical views come and review the Declaration of our nation’s Independence from all tyranny and if you wish, join in the discussions that follow.

When July 5th rolls around, we’ll call it July 5th.

Meanwhile, on the day before -let’s celebrate and call it what it is, INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Bruce Wales
Acting Gila County Libertarian Chairman

Notes from the Chairman 06/19/17

Young American For Liberty uses many sources to show that the Millennial generation is “searching for a political home.”

“Young people surpass boomers in sheer numbers. Boomers 76 Million, Millennials 87 million.”
Source: CNN Money

“Millennials to be 40 % of the American electorate by 2020.”
Source: Center for American Progress

“Young people mistrust media. 88% of young people “sometimes” or “never” trust the press. ”
Source: Harvard Institute for Politics

“Millennials mistrust government. 74% of “sometimes” or “never”trust the government to do the right thing.”
Source: Harvard Institute for Politics

“Young people fed up with both parties. 48% of Millennials identify as Independent vs Just 28% as Democrat and 18% as Republican.”
Source: Pew Research Center

And according to a Reason Foundation Survey, “64% of Millennials prefer a free-market economy over a government-run economy and 66% say government is inefficient and wasteful.”

I can read hope between the lines. Can you?

How much of our efforts should include the Millennial voters?

I won’t make too many conclusions for easy reading. But again, I see hope.

But think, even dyed-in-the-wool Republicans or Democrats combined make up the minority of voters. If the majority of voters (Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists, etc) could be united-though-different Americans as opposed to merely fractious opinionated strong-minded folk, finally, the minority D& Rs could be exposed for what they are, I think it will happen some day. I also think it’s our job to make that day come soon.

How? Change the mind and the party will change.

How? Encourage United Americanism. Dispassionately discuss differences as opposed to snarkily accusing with divisiveness.

This Fourth of July encourage any and every group to show themselves for the 13th annual reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Green Valley Park at 8:00 AM. Last year almost 100 people attended.
This is what towns once did all across the nation. I envision attendance of Baptists with Bikers. Medical workers with NRA folks, LGBTs with Rim Country Riders.

Retain independent identity but stress United Americanism.

It’s easy to hate. It requires little expertise to find differences. But It takes effort to build relationships. And it will take effort to rebuild Americanism. America is built upon the Declaration of Independence and the UNITED STATES Constitution. Let’s rebuild by encouraging fellow Americans to review what Americanism is.

There will be microphones distributed for audience comments following the reading.

Bring Millennials.

Bruce Wales
Acting Gila County Libertarian Chairman

Notes from the Chairman 06/08/17

Ohio shocker: 793 million opioid drug doses prescribed in one year

Dear fellow Gila County American consumer,

Most Americans try to belong to the best political group, the right religion, the most satisfying clubs etc. and we are all different.

Our differences can be used to sort out the best solutions among us – or also be used to defeat us by others.

Divide-and-conquer is well used by hate-mongers and pot-stirrers of every ilk.

We can also be stupefied into submission.

So, I ask you to consider our American commonality when reading the link below.


I also ask you to attend the 13th annual apolitical reading of America’s Declaration Of Independence at Green Valley Park in Payson this 4th of July at 8:00AM  as towns across America once did.

Comments from attendees via wireless microphones are encouraged after the reading.

Last year attendance reached almost 100.

Or, have your own public reading wherever you are. Let’s re-grow this American custom.

Bruce Wales
Acting Gila County Libertarian Chairman

And now please click on the following link:



Stop the 47% tax increase! 03/24/17

The Gila County Libertarian Party opposes the proposed one percentage point increase in the Town of Payson’s sales tax rate.

The following letter to the editor by Acting Secretary Larry Hoffenberg was published by the Payson Roundup on March 24.



Notes from the Chairman 03/15/17

My letter to the editor of the Payson Roundup regarding the Town Of Payson sales tax hike was published yesterday.



Regarding the proposed town 47% tax increase. (1.00 divided by 2.12).

In our Declaration Of Independence, Thomas Jefferson enumerates as one of the Kings “repeated injuries and usurpations” as “He has…giv(en) his assent to…imposing Taxes on us without our consent.”

Fellow citizens: It is for us to give our consent, or for us not to give our consent to this taxing increase proposed by our town representatives.

If you support this taxing increase tell us why. If you don’t, the same.

Let your voices be heard.

My opinion? Any organization formed to oversee or enforce any effort, will because of human imperfection -intentional or not – never accurately estimate its budget or constrain itself to it and will make others suffer for it.

Consequently, those human failings must be called to account by other imperfect humans. And so the best of our democratic process benefits us all.

Alexis Bechman did report that “Under current law, the Payson council doesn’t have to get voter approval to boost the sales tax. However, the council agrees it needs to hear from the public before deciding what to do.”

Now is the time to make yourself heard. – especially by March 24th – even if you have to fill out an application (?) to be heard.

By the way, if you don’t often refer to our Declaration Of Independence, read it on the Fourth of July this year to your people. After all, that is what communities once did with a patriotic fervor that rivals the oohs and aahs of fireworks watching.

Incidentally, for the last twelve years or so, the Declaration Of Independence has been recited by memory by youngsters or read by dignitaries in our Green Valley Park on Independence Day mornings.

One of Edward R. Murrow’s many quotes is: “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

Re-read our Declaration Of Independence by yourself today.

Shed any wool.

Tell the king NO!

Bruce Wales
Acting Chairman
Gila County Libertarian Party

Notes from the Chairman 02/19/17

Dear fellow Registered Libertarian Voter,

My opinion?

By nature we Libertarians resist joining a group- even a libertarian one.


How can we grow libertarianism while preserving our fierce independence?

Personally, I sporadically do these things:

A. Door handles – in neighborhoods
B. Truck mirrors – at truck stops

2. Subscribe and donate to:
A. Political groups
B. Right-to-life groups
C. Conservative youth groups

3. Wave road-side libertarian candidate placards

4. Am a guest on KMOG or KRIM as acting Gila County Libertarian Chairman

I am a fierce independent Libertarian. But-

I have a life. I have other things to do.

At 66 I am trying to realize some long-held musician dreams while still having to work. So I fight my own personal reluctances in order to do any of the above.

I am probably not much different than you in fighting to keep my differences.

The question stands: How can we influence others if we are not willing to grow our own tolerance and gather our commonalities to become a formidable force?

That is the nut. Isn’t it?

Well, here comes that dangerous word: COMMIT, – since committing to a group seems to detract from committing to individuality –

There are currently 237 registered Libertarian voters in 37 precincts in Gila County.

Only 76 of us (32%) have shared our email addresses when registering.

161 have not. Having their email addresses would facilitate a Gila Libertarian force. I do not want to contact all 161 by myself to obtain their email addresses.

Will you help?

1. REPLY that you are willing to obtain the email addresses of the other Libertarians in your precinct if we send you their phone numbers.

2. Attend our 7:00 pm monthly meeting at Tiny’s Restaurant on Hwy 260 in Payson this Tuesday, Feb 21.

After all, what are our default alternatives?

Do we succumb to the two-party monster?


A committed-but-loosely-knit organization is possible.

I hope so.

Let’s try.

Bruce Wales