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Notes from the Chairman 03/15/17

My letter to the editor of the Payson Roundup regarding the Town Of Payson sales tax hike was published yesterday.



Regarding the proposed town 47% tax increase. (1.00 divided by 2.12).

In our Declaration Of Independence, Thomas Jefferson enumerates as one of the Kings “repeated injuries and usurpations” as “He has…giv(en) his assent to…imposing Taxes on us without our consent.”

Fellow citizens: It is for us to give our consent, or for us not to give our consent to this taxing increase proposed by our town representatives.

If you support this taxing increase tell us why. If you don’t, the same.

Let your voices be heard.

My opinion? Any organization formed to oversee or enforce any effort, will because of human imperfection -intentional or not – never accurately estimate its budget or constrain itself to it and will make others suffer for it.

Consequently, those human failings must be called to account by other imperfect humans. And so the best of our democratic process benefits us all.

Alexis Bechman did report that “Under current law, the Payson council doesn’t have to get voter approval to boost the sales tax. However, the council agrees it needs to hear from the public before deciding what to do.”

Now is the time to make yourself heard. – especially by March 24th – even if you have to fill out an application (?) to be heard.

By the way, if you don’t often refer to our Declaration Of Independence, read it on the Fourth of July this year to your people. After all, that is what communities once did with a patriotic fervor that rivals the oohs and aahs of fireworks watching.

Incidentally, for the last twelve years or so, the Declaration Of Independence has been recited by memory by youngsters or read by dignitaries in our Green Valley Park on Independence Day mornings.

One of Edward R. Murrow’s many quotes is: “A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves.”

Re-read our Declaration Of Independence by yourself today.

Shed any wool.

Tell the king NO!

Bruce Wales
Acting Chairman
Gila County Libertarian Party