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Wednesday, Dec. 18

7:00 PM

Tiny's Restaurant

600 E. Highway 260

Payson, AZ 85541

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Local Issues

Issues concerning Gila County Arizona, the town of Payson, the cities of Globe & Miami, etc.

Arizona Primary Results Show Extreme Injustice Toward Libertarian Party

On September 11, 2018, the Arizona Secretary of State released the official tally of votes from the August 28 primaries. This is the first knowledge anyone has had of the write-ins in the primaries. Four parties held primaries: Republican, Democratic, Libertarian, and Green. Neither of the last two parties had any candidates’ names printed on their primary ballots for any federal or state office. Instead, these parties attempted to nominate via write-ins in the primaries. Read More.

Lawsuit filed to force special election to fill Sen. McCain’s seat

The Payson Roundup published the following article on December 4, 2018. Read the full article here.

Claiming Gov. Doug Ducey acted illegally, the former chairman of the Arizona Libertarian Party has sued to give voters a say in who replaces John McCain — and soon.

Michael Kielsky acknowledges that the U.S. Constitution allows the governor to name an immediate replacement on the death or resignation of any sitting senator. But Kielsky, in a lawsuit filed here, contends that the governor is required to schedule a special election as soon as practicable to fill the post. And that, he said, means within six months. Read More.

Update From Jeffrey Aal and Transparent Payson

Here’s an update from Jeffrey Aal, Libertarian candidate for Payson Town Council and author of Propositions 401 and 402. The Gila County Libertarian Party endorses a “YES” vote on Propositions 400, 401 and 402.

Remember, the deadline for mail-in ballots in Tuesday, August 28th. Please send in your ballots early to be sure they are received in time.


Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Can’t say that enough.  The opposition has gotten, well, challenging.

As a group we have conducted ourselves well.  That reflects on each of us.

So, thank you!  When you have the stronger position, there is no need to become nasty.

That does not mean we are not above some “creative” marketing efforts.


We’ve made four important updates to the Transparent Payson Website.


Upcoming Events

Please tune in to KMOG radio next week as we take our message to the air waves.

And please join us for a night of fun, food and karaoke next Friday evening, August 24.

As always, thank you for all the support. 


Payson Residents: Are you ready for the August 28th elections?

The Gila County Libertarian Party urges Payson residents to become informed about the issues and candidates on the upcoming August 28th ballot. Up for vote are mayor, three town council seats, and three ballot initiatives/propositions.

Staring the last week of July, each household in Payson with one or more registered voters will receive by snail mail an official “Publicity Pamphlet.” This contains the full text of each Proposition and any arguments submitted for or against. We urge you to review this pamphlet prior to voting.

This is an all-mail election and deadline to register to vote is 5:00 p.m., Monday, July 30.  For more information on how to register to vote or to request an absentee ballot, contact the Gila County Recorder’s Office at 800-291-4452 or 928-474-7139.

Our bylaws prevent the Libertarian Party from endorsing specific candidates in non-partisan races, but generally speaking we favor candidates who espouse libertarian positions such as lower taxes, lower government spending and greater accountability.

We urge you to become informed about the two mayoral candidates and the seven town council candidates, and to cast your votes accordingly.  The Payson Roundup has prepared the following profiles for each of the candidates.

Mayor: Craig Swartwood and Tom Morrissey.

Town Council:

Jeffrey Aal Kim Chittick Shirley Dye Jim Ferris
Dave Golembewski Chris Higgins Hallie Overman-Jackman

Ballot Issues:

The Gila County Libertarian Party endorses a “YES” vote on all three initiatives:

  • Proposition 400 (Home Rule)
  • Proposition 401 (Voter approval of certain long-term leases)
  • Proposition 402 (Voter approval of certain bond issuances)

For more information on the ballot issues, please visit


Law requiring more signatures for Libertarian candidates remains

The Arizona Libertarian Party was unsuccessful in a recent legal challenge to onerous new ballot access requirements for Libertarian candidates for statewide office. The law, passed by the GOP-majority state legislature, is clearly an attempt to obstruct competition from Libertarian candidates.

Bruce Wales, Acting Chairman of the Gila County Libertarian Party, stated "This court decision makes me seethe."

It should make all Arizonans who support competition in our democratic electoral process seethe too.

Law requiring more signatures for Libertarian candidates remains

HOWARD FISCHER Capitol Media Services

PHOENIX — A federal judge has rebuffed a bid by the Libertarian Party to kill an Arizona law even its sponsors concede was designed to make it harder for minor party candidates to get on the general election ballot. Read more.