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No meeting in Oct.
Next: Thurs, Dec 21
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Tiny's Restaurant
600 E. Highway 260
Payson, AZ 85541

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Notes from the Chairman 06/28/17


Do you refer to Christmas as THE CELEBRATION OF DECEMBER 25th?

Do we call Thanksgiving BIG THURSDAY?

Does anyone refer to the celebration of their OWN Birthday by the date of it?


So why then do we refer to Independence Day as FOURTH OF JULY?

While you mull that question in your mind I will tell you what is happening this Fourth of July in Payson’s Green Valley Park at 8:00 am across the street from the Veterans’ Memorial.

We will be observing our nation’s INDEPENDENCE-from-all-tyranny-DAY by reading our nation’s DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE document.

This is what pioneer towns did every year all across these United States. THEN they celebrated with games, ran contests, shared food and set off fireworks. Almost 100 people joined us last year.

Regardless of your political or apolitical views come and review the Declaration of our nation’s Independence from all tyranny and if you wish, join in the discussions that follow.

When July 5th rolls around, we’ll call it July 5th.

Meanwhile, on the day before -let’s celebrate and call it what it is, INDEPENDENCE DAY.

Bruce Wales
Acting Gila County Libertarian Chairman

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