The Libertarian Party Opportunity in 2024
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Tiny's Restaurant
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Payson, AZ 85541

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Notes from the Chairman 06/19/17

Young American For Liberty uses many sources to show that the Millennial generation is “searching for a political home.”

“Young people surpass boomers in sheer numbers. Boomers 76 Million, Millennials 87 million.”
Source: CNN Money

“Millennials to be 40 % of the American electorate by 2020.”
Source: Center for American Progress

“Young people mistrust media. 88% of young people “sometimes” or “never” trust the press. ”
Source: Harvard Institute for Politics

“Millennials mistrust government. 74% of “sometimes” or “never”trust the government to do the right thing.”
Source: Harvard Institute for Politics

“Young people fed up with both parties. 48% of Millennials identify as Independent vs Just 28% as Democrat and 18% as Republican.”
Source: Pew Research Center

And according to a Reason Foundation Survey, “64% of Millennials prefer a free-market economy over a government-run economy and 66% say government is inefficient and wasteful.”

I can read hope between the lines. Can you?

How much of our efforts should include the Millennial voters?

I won’t make too many conclusions for easy reading. But again, I see hope.

But think, even dyed-in-the-wool Republicans or Democrats combined make up the minority of voters. If the majority of voters (Independents, Libertarians, Greens, Constitutionalists, etc) could be united-though-different Americans as opposed to merely fractious opinionated strong-minded folk, finally, the minority D& Rs could be exposed for what they are, I think it will happen some day. I also think it’s our job to make that day come soon.

How? Change the mind and the party will change.

How? Encourage United Americanism. Dispassionately discuss differences as opposed to snarkily accusing with divisiveness.

This Fourth of July encourage any and every group to show themselves for the 13th annual reading of the Declaration of Independence at the Green Valley Park at 8:00 AM. Last year almost 100 people attended.
This is what towns once did all across the nation. I envision attendance of Baptists with Bikers. Medical workers with NRA folks, LGBTs with Rim Country Riders.

Retain independent identity but stress United Americanism.

It’s easy to hate. It requires little expertise to find differences. But It takes effort to build relationships. And it will take effort to rebuild Americanism. America is built upon the Declaration of Independence and the UNITED STATES Constitution. Let’s rebuild by encouraging fellow Americans to review what Americanism is.

There will be microphones distributed for audience comments following the reading.

Bring Millennials.

Bruce Wales
Acting Gila County Libertarian Chairman