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We are the local affiliate of America’s third largest and fastest growing political party, the Libertarian Party.

August 2 Libertarian Party Primary Election

The Gila County Libertarian Party would like to remind all registered Libertarian Party voters that it is extremely important for you to vote in the August 2nd Primary election.

Due to the onerous and oppressive ballot access laws in Arizona passed by Republicans and Democrats, the only way for Libertarian Party candidates to appear on the November General Election ballot is by obtaining sufficient petition signatures or write-in votes in the Libertarian primary election. The primary write-in process is an important step for Libertarians to break the two-party stranglehold on Arizona elections, and we in Gila County want to do our part.

Marc Victor, US Senate

The Libertarian Party candidate for US Senate, Marc Victor, has already qualified for the November ballot by submitting petition signatures, but we encourage you to write-in the names of the following candidates for statewide office on the primary ballot:

Barry Hess, Governor
Michael Kielsky, Attorney General
Sheila Reid-Shaver, Superintendent of Public Instruction

Whether voting by mail, drop-off or in person on August 2nd, we encourage you to cast your Libertarian primary ballot and write in the names of the above candidates.

Note: Only registered Libertarian voters are allowed to vote in the Libertarian primary. Republicans, Democrats and Independent voters are not eligible.

Monthly Meeting Zoom Connection

The Gila County Libertarian Party meetings are held at Tiny’s Restaurant, 600 E. Highway 260 in Payson. We’ll see you there the third Wednesday of every month at 5:00 PM. As always, food and drink are optional. We’ll be meeting in the large room behind the kitchen. Bring your friends and family as all Gila County residents interested in learning more about America’s third largest and fastest growing political party are welcome to attend.

If you are unable to make it to the meeting, you can still participate by Zoom. Here are the connection details:

Topic: Gila County LP Zoom Meeting
Time: August 17, 2022 05:00 PM Arizona Time
Join Zoom Meeting (Copy & paste the link into your browser)
Meeting ID: 899 4704 4192
Passcode: 770831

What is a Libertarian?

Core principles generally held by Libertarians include:

  • Individual liberty
  • Personal responsibility
  • Free market economy
  • Peace and prosperity
  • Very limited government
  • The inalienable right to keep and bear arms

You can see the official Libertarian Party position on key issues here.

Am I a Libertarian?

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Voter Registration Information

In Arizona, it’s quick and easy to register to vote or to re-register as a Libertarian voter. For more information, click here.

Join the National LP or Renew Your Membership

Your Libertarian Party membership sends a clear signal to the Elephants and Donkeys that you want better, and demand better, from our electoral system and that you support liberty-focused ideas and solutions. Your membership dues help fund our critical outreach and projects. Join or renew today!

Monthly Meetings

Stay tuned to the “Next Meeting” notice in the left-hand column of this web site for updates on meeting times and locations. All Gila County residents interested in learning more about America’s third largest and fastest growing political party are welcome to attend the meeting. For more information, please call 928-468-3576 or email [email protected]