The Libertarian Party Opportunity in 2024
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More Independents and Unaffiliateds are America’s Best Chance

By Bruce Wales,

Vice Chairman, Gila County Libertarian Party

Independents and unaffiliateds represent today’s much-needed healthy political skepticism in my opinion. Life-long Party registrations make little sense when party principles don’t remain principled.
For example, if the fault of the incumbent as criticized by the challenger is later also exhibited by the winning Challenger, a huge embarrassment is foisted on party supporters. To remain his/her supporter then is a symptom of their failure to recognize unprincipled inconsistency as well.

If Party-by-habit types would review their choice at least as annually as they review their taxes their civic value would increase immensely. Unfortunately, un-re-examined Party affiliation is America’s political cancer.

No one enjoys criticism. But sometimes it is as necessary as being chided by the Dentist for past poor oral hygiene. Objective criticism must stand before life can be rebuilt with any suggested self-help group therapy.

Political criticism? Party affiliation demands a critical changing if the party’s position changes!

For if all members are somehow convinced that their party’s former principles no longer apply, they, themselves are harmful to the cause of principled living.

That is scary!

So, I believe that those that insist the US Constitution alone holds our common principles are indeed the healthy skeptics our America needs today.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the only way to amass this healthy skepticism into a tangible political power is to group all together into another party.

That is the essence of the Libertarian Party.

Think of the Party that allows choice but defends principles.

Think of the party that finds power by adhering to principles.

Think of the party that encourages thinking.

Think Libertarian!

Thanks especially to Independents and Unaffiliateds, America’s third largest party is growing like never before! Maybe we’ll be joined by more “Disenchanteds” soon.