The Libertarian Party Opportunity in 2023
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Next Meeting

No meeting in Oct.
Next: Thurs, Dec 21
5:30 - 6:30 pm
Tiny's Restaurant
600 E. Highway 260
Payson, AZ 85541

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Notes from the (new) Chairman 09/22/17


Fellow Libertarians,

To follow-up on Bruce Wales’ message earlier today, I would like to thank Bruce for his years of hard work and dedication to organizing and advancing the Gila County Libertarian Party.

I’ll just take a moment to give you a bit of my background. I moved to Payson three years ago, so I’m relatively new to the area. But I’ve been a dues-paying member of the national Libertarian Party for 37 years. (My oh my, how time flies when governments at all levels keep growing, our taxes keep increasing and our liberties infringed more and more every day.)

Prior to Payson, I lived in Colorado for 27 years, and I was very active in the Libertarian Party of Colorado, serving as Membership Director and Public Information Director for four years. I did dozens of radio and TV interviews and helped the LP gain permanent ballot access in the state.

You may have seen my name published in the Payson Roundup as author of six letters to the editor on the subjects of taxation, education, and politics. I encourage everyone to write letters to the editor, call in to talk radio shows, make posts to Facebook, Twitter, etc, and exercise your First Amendment rights of free speech on behalf of liberty.

Next weekend, I am holding a yard sale at my house. You name it, I’ve probably got it for sale – everything literally from the kitchen sink to computer equipment, office supplies, housewares, tools, and much more. Please drop by, introduce yourself, mention that you are a Libertarian, and I’ll give you 50% off whatever you buy. I’m located at 2604 W. Bulla Drive in Payson. Follow the signs from the west end of Airport Road. The sale will be Friday and Saturday, September 29 and 30, from 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Hope to see you there.

Otherwise, feel free to drop me a line with any comments, questions, suggestions or other feedback you may have about the Libertarian Party, and how we may advance the cause of liberty In Gila County as well as all of Arizona and the US.

To Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness,

Larry Hoffenberg
Acting Chairman, Gila County Libertarian Party


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