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Notes from the Gila County LP Chairman 04/18/22

Hello to all from your Gila County LP Chair.

Recently we were invited by the Gila County Recorder to participate, along with the Republican and Democratic parties, in supporting ballot collection for both early voting and the general election. The good news—this is not a volunteer opportunity, but a paying job! The hourly rate is $20, and there will be two kinds of jobs available:

Partnering with a representative from either the Democratic or Republican party, work at the County Recorder’s Office (either in Payson or in Globe) to:

  • assist voters in the process of completing the form to receive a ballot on-site
  • assist voters in completing the balloting process (no politicking allowed!)
  • ensure that no ballots are removed from the voting area

  • verify that each ballot has been signed
  • Hours 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., M-F (you may work one or more full days)

Partnering with a representative from either the Democratic or Republican party, retrieve ballots from various early voting drop-boxes located along either a North or South County route

  • Pick up ballots from designated sites and put them in authorized container

  • Seal and certify the container

  • Pick-ups will be twice weekly, days to be rotated each week
  • A county vehicle will be provided or mileage paid if personal car is used

The work schedule for early voting is July 11-29, and October 17-Nov 4 for the general election, and you may work in either or both periods. Names must be submitted to the County by mid-May, and training will be provided by the County in late June.

This is a wonderful opportunity to work ollaboratively to ensure that balloting is accomplished efficiently and fairly—and get paid for doing so! If you are interested in learning more about either job, please contact Cathy Ullery, by email at or by phone at 240 994 8825.

Thank you!

Cathy Ullery
Chair, Gila County Libertarian Party